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Mediterranean Style Interior

Mediterranean Style Interior

What is the Mediterranean Style?

Bringing the Mediterranean style to your home is a great way to remind you of those sunny memories while travel is still not an option. This style is ideal for transforming your house into a laid back, relaxed environment where you spend time with your friends and family. One of the wonderful things about adding a Mediterranean touch to your home is that you can pull inspiration from multiple counties like Italy, Greece and Spain. Mediterranean style is all about bringing the simple aesthetic of South European countries combined with natural materials such as wood, ceramics and cotton.

What colours work best?

When it comes to colours, it is best to keep them light and warm and reflect the sunny climate found in the Mediterranean. Blues that reflect those clear skies as well as darker toned blues that reflect the coastline found in Southern Europe all fit this interior style. You can achieve this through accessories or make a bold statement with a feature furniture piece.

Bring Outside, Inside

Even without your own outdoor space, you can bring the outside in through houseplants, real or fake. Southern European homes often use balconies and verandas to grow more greenery in planter pots, but that’s not always viable in Scotland. Easy options include growing your own herb garden you can use in the kitchen or adding some vine plants and creepers to create some shade in your environment, or you can even use fake plants to bring a Mediterranean feel to your home without the responsibility of a live plant - we have all had our fair share of plant causalities! 

Varied Textures and Patterns

An aspect that you are most definitely more likely to spot in Mediterranean counties would be the use of different patterns and textures throughout the home. This can mainly be seen through intricate tile patterns and mosaics that bring colour into a room. If you’re not looking to jump headfirst in and fully mosaic your living room wall, throws and blankets are an excellent way to bring more texture into your home as well as giving a warm colourful feel. Finer details are often missed when designing your perfect room, but this is where you can add subtle nods to Mediterranean Style.

Your Home Centre Products

If you’re ready to embrace the Mediterranean colour palette then look no further than our bold Atlantis Sofa Range available in a bold royal blue, a dark tone matching the Southern European coastline. Or, our Ashley Sofa is available in a softer, lighter blue, featuring patterned sand coloured scatter cushions, fully bringing the colours of the Southern European coast into your home.

All products mentioned are avalible to view in our Merchant City Flagship Showroom. 



By India Smith, Your Home Centre In-House Interior Designer

Edited by Emma Reavey, Your Home Centre Social Media Manager

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