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Bringing the Outside In!

Bringing the Outside In!

Looking to bring more outdoor space into your home? Even in the smallest of spaces this can be done and create a greener space in your living environment. This is particularly perfect for homes that might be lacking a garden or balcony. Plants have so many benefits such as air-purifying qualities, oxygen releasing as well making us less stressed and more alert according to some studies! 

Adding Plants

The easiest way to bring the outdoors into your own home is to add plants to your home. Not everyone has access to outdoor space but you can still enjoy a range of plants without the need for a garden or balcony.

 Not everyone can be green-fingered so we’ve got a couple of suggestions of easy plants that you won’t kill.

  • Aglaonemas will grow almost anywhere and are easy to care for. It can withstand plenty of water so there’s no chance of drowning this one and it can come in multiple colours to fit the style in any room.
  • Asparagus Fern is extremely adaptable and will grow in bright light or shady corners of the room. These are perfect for hanging plants as they are very tolerant.
  • Spider Plants won’t actually attract spiders, but they will produce mini spider plants without any effort that you can re-pot and grow entirely new plants! Weekly watering and some good light create the perfect combination to encourage these plants to grow.
  • Finally, if you’re still struggling, Succulents are a great way to add little plants to your home and build up your collection. Good sunlight and regular watering should keep your little plant in good health.

 The best way to style plants within the home depends on how big the plant is. If it is a large plant, it can be left on its own. However, small plants are best styles together and go really well in odd numbers. Whether you use small potted plants or move over to hanging plants, groups of three work best!

Tropical Leaves

The tropical leaf pattern is all the fashion now. There are so many options around, there is definitely something for everyone. The main question is where to add it to the home? Really, the answer is anywhere.

 The bedroom may seem an odd choice but a tropical feature wall utilising the various options of wallpaper can turn your bedroom into a relaxing island paradise where the only thing you’re missing after a long day is a cocktail in your hand. If you have a small space and you want to perk up then adding wallpaper can create a whole new feel. Alcoves, inside cupboards and little nooks in the house, can instantly brighten up with a pop of colour.

 If you’re wanting to add just a pop of the summer feel, then scatter cushions could be your answer. Added to a bed or couch, creating that cosy comfort spot with a summer feel, cushions are a cheap and simple way to customise your space. Combining them with a statement furniture piece such as a bold coloured sofa works perfectly to bring the feeling of the outside in!


By India Smith, Your Home Centre In-House Interior Designer

Edited by Emma Reavey, Your Home Centre Social Media Manager

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