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Call Us - 0141 459 0609 Or Visit Us Instore W5, 141 CHARLES STREET, G21 2QA

GBC Club Plush Box Top

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Our Club mattresses are a beautifully tailored and technically advanced range of mattresses which are created to offer the optimal combination of luxury and full body support.

The Plush Box Top is the Medium Feel in our Club range 

They all use a 7 Zone pocketed spring system which has been structured to support the body and accept the body in a manner which enhances sleeping posture.

No matter whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper you will find that the mattress is responsive to your individual bodyweight and body shape. Targeted support is the key to an optimal sleeping posture and a deeper more restful sleep.


The comfort layers in each of the Club mattresses are a combination of performance support foams and the unique “Plushtop” pressure sensitive sleeping surface.

The sleeping surface contains single or multiple layers of pressure relieving foam, which evenly and consistently distribute weight over a larger area. The resulting significant reduction in pressure points will remove the need to toss, turn and adjust sleeping position during the night, so allowing longer time periods in deeper recuperative sleep.

This mattress is stocked and available for delivery. Standard delivery is 5-7 days if you need this sooner, please call us to discuss options 

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Delivered and assembled in the room of choice.

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep With a Plush Top Mattress

Our GBC Club Plush Top mattresses offer sleepers various benefits to help enhance their sleep and overall well-being. These mattresses are designed at Glasgow Bed Centre to offer comfort while helping enhance things like spinal alignment. Discover a few of the ways that our mattresses can help you get a good night's rest:

  • Increased Comfort: The soft and cushioned surface of a plush box top mattress provides
    sleepers with a mattress that feels cloud-like. With increased comfort in your
    mattress, you can experience better quality sleep and the benefits that come
    along with it.
  • Amplified Pressure Relief: Our plush box top mattresses excel at relieving pressure
    points while you sleep. Relief areas include shoulders, hips, and joints. With
    our specifically designed plush top mattress, you can expect a restful and
    nearly pain-free sleep.
  • Enhanced Support: Despite the comfort and softness of the top layer, plush box top
    mattresses are designed with many support layers underneath. Our mattresses
    ensure you have proper spinal alignment and overall body support while you
  • Decreased Pain: By conforming to your body shape, our mattresses help distribute weight
    evenly, which, in turn, reduces pressure on specific areas and minimises

What Is the Best Mattress to Buy?

When choosing the best mattress to buy, there are several things to consider. Each person has different requirements for their comfort level. Consider the
following aspects when choosing one of our mattresses:

  • Mattress Type
  • Firmness Level
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Motion Isolation
  • Durability 
  • Mattress Size

At Glasgow Bed Centre, we offer various types of mattresses for you to shop online or in-store. Those who want a plush surface to sleep on should consider our GBC Club Plush Top Box mattress to enhance your sleep. To learn more about our comfortable mattresses and mattress delivery services in the UK, contact us today.