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Call Us - 0141 459 0609 Or Visit Us Instore W5, 141 CHARLES STREET, G21 2QA
Call Us - 0141 459 0609 Or Visit Us Instore W5, 141 CHARLES STREET, G21 2QA

Duchess 1800 Pocket Sprung Mattress


The Duchess is one of our softest but most comfortable mattresses we can do! The mattress itself is a 1800 Pocket Sprung Unit with a top layer of memory foam.

The mattress is breathable, responsive and durable. Luxury soft feel top cover.

  • 1800 Pocket Springs
  • High Loft Fillings provide a sense of weightlessness
  • Luxury Micro-Quilted Soft Feel Cover
  • No turn, rotate regularly
  • 32cm Depth

This mattress is made to order and available for delivery. Standard delivery is 10-14 days if you need this sooner, please call us to discuss options 

Delivery Available

Delivered and assembled in the room of choice.

Flexible Finance

With both Clearpay and Paypal Credit

60 Night Comfort Guarantee

On all Mattresses


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Solid Support With Our Duchess 1800 Pocket Sprung Mattress

At Glasgow Bed Centre, our Duchess 1800 Pocket Sprung Mattress offers optimal comfort for your best night's rest. With a luxury soft-top feel and solid support, many benefit from this mattress. Discover a few of the benefits:

  • Enhanced Comfort and Support: Pocket sprung mattresses offer individual pocketed springs. These springs provide enhanced comfort and support tailored to your body shape.
  • Increased Pressure Relief: The design of these pocket springs helps alleviate pressure points. This makes our pocket sprung mattresses an ideal choice for those who experience discomfort in their joints or muscles while sleeping.
  • Minimised Movement Disruptions: If you sleep with a partner, this mattress can help minimise sleep disruptions by reducing movement. The higher spring count helps reduce movement so you and your partner can sleep soundly.
  • Amplified Breathability: The structure of a pocket sprung mattress allows for better airflow. Better airflow can keep you cooler during sleep and prevent overheating, enhancing the quality of your night's sleep.
  • Strengthened Durability: Pocket sprung mattresses are known for their durability. This ensures that our mattresses provide long-lasting comfort and support.

Who Should Consider a Duchess Mattress?

Choose this mattress if you're a couple sharing a bed, a hot sleeper, an individual with specific support needs, or if you're simply seeking a durable investment. With superior comfort and support, this mattress can help you achieve a more comfortable and restful night's sleep. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality and comfortable mattresses.

Stop by today to browse our selection of mattresses online or in-store and find one that's just right for you.