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Call Us - 0141 459 0609 Or Visit Us Instore W5, 141 CHARLES STREET, G21 2QA

Capri 1500 Cool Gel Pocket Sprung Mattress


The Capri 1500 helps you find serenity in your sleep through the use of cooling gel in the top layers of the mattress to help you keep cool at night. Compared to memory foam, cool gel maintains a stable temperature without absorbing excess body heat and overheating. The Capri provides all the comfort of traditional memory foam whilst providing a temperature regulating sleep.
  • 1500 Encapsulated Pocket Springs provide support even on the outer edges
  • Temperature regulating Cool Gel Foam
  • No turn, rotate regularly

32cm Depth

This mattress is made to order and available for delivery. Standard delivery is 10-14 days if you need this sooner, please call us to discuss options 

Delivery Available

Delivered and assembled in the room of choice.

Flexible Finance

With both Clearpay and Paypal Credit

60 Night Comfort Guarantee

On all Mattresses


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Discover the Capri 1500 Cool Gel Pocket Sprung Mattress

There are various benefits to choosing the Capri 1500 Cool Gel Pocket Sprung Mattress for your home. Some of these benefits include absorbing excess body heat and helping you maintain a stable temperature while you sleep. Consider these advantages of our cool gel pocket sprung mattress:

  • Temperature Regulation: Our cool gel pocket sprung mattress helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep. This ensures a cooler and more comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Pressure Relief: The pocket springs used in these mattresses offer targeted support to different body areas. Targeted pressure provides reduced pressure points and can enhance overall comfort, allowing you to get a better night's rest, which is our goal at Glasgow Bed Centre.
  • Motion Isolation: These individual pocket springs can minimise motion transfer for those who sleep with a partner. This allows for undisturbed sleep when your partner moves, contributing to overall improved sleep health.
  • Durability: Pocket springs are known for their durability and lasting support. At Glasgow Bed Centre, we ensure that each mattress maintains its shape and structure for years to come.
  • Breathability: The combination of the pocket springs and cool gel allows for increased airflow. This keeps your mattress clean and prevents heat build-up.

Who Should Choose a Capri Mattress?

At Glasgow Bed Centre, we understand the various needs of our customers. To ensure that each customer is satisfied with their mattress, we want to educate them about the possibilities.

Consider our Capri mattress if you are a hot sleeper, need enhanced comfort, or would like a specific level of support. The Capri 1500 Cool Gel Pocket Sprung Mattress offers all of these aspects. By combining cooling mattress technology and better support, you increase your chances of enjoying a better night's sleep.

We suggest you rotate these mattresses for optimal performance. Contact us today to explore our gel mattresses and achieve a sounder sleep.