Mattresses Made Simple

When searching for your perfect mattress its important to bear in mind a few things:


 - a hard mattress isn't always the best selection. Other factors are key such as comfort and support.

 - When in your natural sleeping position your spine should be straight and you shouldn't be able to slide your hand freely behind your back.

- Good support from a mattress will relieve pressure from your shoulders, hips and knees.



Bear in mind the different mattress forms. Heres a quick tour of the ones we offer.....

Our Value mattresses offer good quality for the best possible price, regardless of density, firmness, etc etc. Just a good value mattress. 

Orthopaedic Mattresses are the firmest around, perfect for those who prefer a harder sleeping surface.

Memory Mattresses mould to the contours of your body and support a good posture

Pocket Sprung Mattresses use the most innovative spring technology, in either a medium or firm spring tension. There is the largest scope for personalisation here helping you create a bed thats perfect for you, giving you a great nights sleep.