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Call Us - 0141 459 0609 Or Visit Us Instore W5, 141 CHARLES STREET, G21 2QA
Do you find yourself sweating during the night?

Do you find yourself sweating during the night?

Sleep is a funny thing. Some people enjoy a warm sleeping environment. The thickest duvet and sheets available. Electrically heated blanket; turned up full. While others find themselves sweating, no matter what they do. Waking up during the night, unable to sleep again due to the heat.

The reasons for this do vary, explains Your Bed Centre’s Chief Sleep Advisor Scott Walker. Everyone sleeps at different temperatures, and this does vary from day to day for individuals too, depending on their level of activity through the day/ week. Between partners as well, one may more often prefer the bed cold, while the other wraps up in a duvet cocoon.

In our stores many customers come in and feel that their existing mattress just doesn’t seem to regulate heat properly so are looking to change it. Often this may be the best solution. Typically, memory foam regulates heat in an artificial way meaning sweating may be more common. More and more foam mattress producers have introduced measures in their latest models to try and improve on this. Our Panama in the Signature range has an added layer of Latex with ventilation pipes cut into the foam across the sleeping surface. This pumps fresh air throughout the mattress as the sleeper moves. Additionally, cool gel has been developed which creates a minute electrical current using copper particles, reacting and regulating the body temperature of the sleeper. Viscotherapy has patented their cool gel; COOLBLUE. Available for just £200 in the double mattress with 1000 pocket springs. Highly effective!

Sleeping however can be improved not just by altering the mattress. Duvet, pillows, sheets…. even pyjamas (or lack of!) will all make a difference. One product that does spring to mind, and I’d recommend everyone pops down to try it out for themselves, as it must be seen to be believed, is our Arctic Snow Pillow. These are foam pillows but are finished in Therma Sleep’s patented Snow fabric. These retain a ‘cold’ feel for up to 10 years.

Trying out one of these is perhaps a good starting point. Additionally, if this ‘sweaty’ problem is not experienced every night; simply switch your pillow, using the Artic Pillow only when necessary. The same ‘chill’ fabric is also available as a mattress protector, covering the whole sleeping surface if required.

Your Bed Centre Group is committed to delivering a good night’s sleep for everyone and as such we realise everyone has specific needs when it comes to sleep. Heat regulation being but one of our areas of concern.

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