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Call us at 01415521188 if you need any help with your order

Spiral Bed Frame


The Stunning Spiral Bed frame is guaranteed to be the vocal point of any bedroom with its beautiful swirl design. Available in almost any fabric your heart can desire, take a look bellow. You can also save on one of our fantastic, mattress deals if you choose to when ordering online. 

The Windsor Mattress is traditionally sprung and is fitted with 12.5 gauge Bonnell springs, with a matching micro quilt damask. (Soft Feel)

The Memory Ortho Mattress, is also fitted with a 12.5 gauge spring with a layer of memory foam placed over the spring unit to provide you with a superior level of comfort. (Medium feel) 

The Ortho Deluxe Mattress is one of our best selling mattresses with it also having the traditionally sprung 12. gauge spring unit, however its layered with responsive fillings and is also hand tufted, meaning that the mattress provides far more support. (Firm feel)

Our Fabric Options!